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Director prof. dr. Bronius Maskuliūnas

62 Aušros alėja, LT-76235 Šiauliai
tel. (370 41) 37 17 12,
e-mail: bibl@savb.lt

Šiauliai County Povilas Višinskis Public Library (further SCPL), the largest public library in Northern Lithuania, is equally accessible to all users. The library’s mission is to meet information and cultural needs of the population in the region, to promote the development of the society’s knowledge by creating the environment for life-long learning and personal expression.

The library shapes its universal collection by observing the needs of its users, taking into account historical traditions, economic and cultural growth, and the demographic situation of the region. At the moment, the collection consists of approximately 506 thousand printed and digital resources, maps, media, and archival materials. Annually, the library circulates about 340 thousand materials.

SCPL is a community center for culture and information, where community members can meet their cultural, social, educational and informational needs, socialize, and spend their free time. The library is actively involved in organizing various activities for cultural, social and digital exclusion reduction of the underprivileged region’s population.

The library offers a variety of events: educational activities, meetings with famous people, concerts, exhibitions, film screenings, computer literacy and other trainings, conferences, etc. Every year it organizes more than 500 different events.

It is housed in a modern, contemporary furnished building. The space is adapted for all ages with different interests and needs, including disabled people.

The library operates multi-purpose departments, including the Department of Old Prints and Regional Studies, Book Graphic Centre which runs art-related educational activities for adults and children. The Children and Youth Literature Department holds annual contests of book talks and carries out interesting reading promotion programs (e.g. reading to a dog and with a dog). The bookmobile “Knygvežiukas” presents educational programs for children in kindergartens, schools and hospitals.

In 2005, on the initiative between the USA Embassy in Lithuania and SCPL, the American Corner was established. The purpose of the American Corner is to familiarize the reader with the U.S. culture, economics, literature, history and promote cultural cooperation between the two countries. Here people can find encyclopedias, English teaching literature, fiction, US history, geography, art and music books, DVDs, and the subscription of American magazines. The American Corner offers informal English lessons for students and the English club for adults, organizes various events and exhibitions, meetings with foreigners.

The library also has an exhibition gallery, a small movie theater, a poetry room, and other facilities. The Department of Art offers visitors musical instruments, Yamaha synthesizer, computer graphic design programs, etc. Several clubs are active: the English club, the Club for music and theater, the Art Studio. The library is also equipped with a Digitization Center, 2 computerized teaching-learning classes.

There are 64 workstations where visitors can have the internet access free of charge, use software programs, subscribed databases, etc.

In the county, SCPL serves as an important resource center for research work, methodical help, interlibrary loan, bibliographic and regional studies. Therefore, it is closely associated with 11 municipal public libraries, which have an extensive network of urban and rural areas. Annually, about 600 librarians from public and school libraries improve their professional skills here.

In 2015, the Mobile Laboratory of Innovative Technologies was founded and since then it has been offering educational programs around the Region. The Lab is equipped with 10 portable computers, 20 iPAD tablets, 8 robot designers Lego Mindstorm, a 3D printer, Virtual reality glasses, etc. It is constantly being replenished with new technology that allows to expand educational topics. The word mobile in the title is very important. The Lab travels through the libraries and schools in small towns and villages and provides educational sessions for children and youth. These educational activities are very popular. In 2018, 105 events were organized, the total of 1658 children and youth participated, including 111 children with special needs.

SCPL is the first library in Lithuania which offers educational services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families. It contributes in promoting inclusion, connecting libraries and the autism community, bringing awareness of the needs of individuals with ASD and their families to the community. The library has a specially adapted space, trained staff, and prepared educational programs. From June 2018, the total of 74 children with ASD participated in the educational sessions “Sensory readings”.

The library is frequented by approximately 240 thousand visitors.

Children and Youth Literature Department

Book Graphics Center

Second floor lobby

Small Conference Hall

Book Lending Department

Conference Hall

Movie Theatre

Childcare room “Kibi Ribi” / Sensory room

Third Floor Gallery

American Corner

Creative Space

Reading Room / Periodics

Ethnography Reading Room 

Art and Music Reading Room

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