English Club in April, 2019

English Club
2019-04-01 / 2019-04-29
American Corner

This month was full of activities: we watched the movie, visited the theater, met  with the English language club of Mažeikiai and celebrated Easter.

During the first meeting, we watched the film “Pursuit of Happyness” which touched the hearts of all members . It is a sensitive biographical drama about the father’s responsibility to the son and his attempt to get out of life on the streets.

We also visited Kelmė‘s Theater. A long-time member of the club, Algimantas Armonas, director of Kelmė‘s Little Theater, invited us all to watch his directed play “In the Open Sea”. After the play, club members had a discussion and shared their impressions. We are glad that such talented people are a part of our club.

In April we also welcomed guests from Mažeikiai. Thanks to our club member Mindaugas, we got to know English-speaking people from another city. We all had fun, enjoyed a cake made by our guests and we promised to visit them in Mažeikiai in the autumn.

Well, and of course we celebrated the most beautiful Spring holiday – Easter. This year, girls from Šiauliai Didždvaris gymnasium helped us to celebrate this occasion by delivering the presentation about the importance and symbols of Easter following with a huge variety of games.