English Club in January, 2018

English Club
2018-01-15 / 2018-01-29
American Corner

In January, members of the club started the meeting with memories of holidays and shared their plans for 2018. They also discussed suggestions and new ideas for English club in the upcoming year. In addition, students from the Šiauliai State College were observing the activity as they are doing their practice in the library.

During the second meeting, we had a guest – Ezgi from Turkey, who volunteered in Šiauliai 5 years ago and was an active member of the club. It is very nice that people from foreign countries do not forget the English club and kindly return to visit! Another exciting thing is that the club now has reading skills practice. It is a new activity. The members read a level 3 (elementary) book “The Black Cat“ by John Blade. After each chapter, they had to answer some text comprehension questions.

The last meeting was dedicated to the screening of the movie “Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory“ (1971) in the original language.