English Club in May, 2018

English Club
2018-05-07 / 2018-05-21
American Corner

In May, the English Club had a Skype conversation with the U.S. Embassy diplomat, public relations officer Heather Steil. As this was the first conversation, everyone briefly introduced each other and started to discuss a variety of topics – favorite books, visited countries, job of being a diplomat, and language skills. Time flied like an arrow and we have decided to have another conversation in the future!

During the second meeting, we watched a movie “Gravity” (2013) with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. This movie got plenty awards, but members of the club weren’t really pleased with the movie. They felt a lack of action, meaning and wanted more characters.

The last spring meeting featured a presentation by a member of the club Marytė about her trip to New Zealand. Her exotic journey took the whole month, so she definitely had a lot to share! Marytė visited local towns, had a helicopter flight over the mountains, saw trees growing in the middle of the lake, took a walk through the steepest street in the world. In addition, all the members also got some delicious treats from the trip! Of course, there was too little time to tell everything, so Marytė is going to continue her presentation next meeting!