Autism friendly library

Library already offers a new educational programme for children with language and communication disorders called “Sensory Readings”. During sensory readings, children are taught how to feel, engage in a reading process while performing various tasks, playing games. This way kids enrich their vocabulary, learn to wait for their turn and work together with others, stimulate their creativity. Virginija Juškevičiūtė, a consultant of applied behavior analysis, co-operated with the library in developing the educational programme.

Educational classes take place in a specially adapted space which design was advised by Margarita Jurevičienė, a DSocSci, a lecturer at the Department of Special Education of Šiauliai University, a specialist pedagogue-methodologist of Šiauliai Ringuva Special School, a member of the Council of the Association of Special Education Pedagogues in the Republic of Lithuania.

Photographer I. Slonksnytė