English Club

The English Club started its activities in 2008. For two years, members had been watching American films in the original language in that way improving English language and familiarizing themselves with the American movie classics. Since 2011, the club’s activities have been expanded: activities focus not only on listening, but also on speaking skills. Members are still watching films, various thematic discussions are organized for speaking skills practice, reading skills are improved by reading adapted books for English language learning. All this takes place in an informal environment, encouraging participants to communicate in English regardless of their level of knowledge and skills. During the club’s lifetime the membership has changed, people migrate. Marytė Collard and Aldona Ballard, US citizens, returned to Šiauliai after being in America. They have joined the club and still actively participate in meetings. There is a wide variety of age groups here: seniors, people of working age and young people. They have a beautiful relationship, develop English language skills together, discover common interests and their communication even continues outside the American Corner. Visitors from foreign countries bring diversity to the club. The vast majority of them are young people, coming to Šiauliai to volunteer or study by European exchange programs. Thanks to them, club members have become better acquainted with Armenia, Austria, Brazil, Czech Republic, Georgia, India, Spain, Italy, Japan, the USA, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Croatia, South Korea, Portugal, France, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, Germany. There is a mutual communication exchange. Guests are introduced to the local community, life and more easily involve into the environment. After foreigners leave Šiauliai, they still continue to communicate through social networks, send greeting cards and sometimes they even surprise English club’s members with gifts.

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