Contemporary Woman: NO to Stereotypes!

Project duration:  April 1, 2018 – May 1, 2018

Project manager: Gintautas Jazdauskas. Tel. No. +37041523746. E-mail:

Short description: One of the priorities of European Union is to foster gender equality between men and women. Even though the situation of gender equality in Lithuania has improved over the last 15 years there are many issues that require attention. One of them is youth education on gender stereotypes, prejudice, as well as increasing motivation to strive towards nonstandard goals, professions and choices.

The project aimed to fight gender stereotypes by educating young girls about the variety of life choices. This was achieved via exposing them to stories of successful women, dialogue-discussion groups about gender roles and gender bias. The ambition of the project was to develop the resistance and awareness of young girls in the region about gender stereotypes, to educate and cultivate themselves in non-standard areas, express their opinions and fears in regard to gender equality issues.

The project has four main areas of action:

  1. Women success stories. Various successful women from IT, technology, business and other areas present their success stories to young girls;
  2. Educational discussion-dialogues. Young girls are invited to discuss and debate gender stereotyping, gender roles and equality issues between women and men.
  3. Publishing. Professional coachers, psychologists advised, commented on anonymous opinions of girls expressed in the discussion part of the project that are published in a publication – Tie a topknot on your future.
  4. Poster competition “Women go Pro”. Poster competition for youth on the topic of gender stereotypes, gender roles in the family, at home, at work, issues of gender equality, etc.

The project was co-financed by:

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