Ethnography expedition: „Where crosses grieve on roadsides“

Project duration:  March 1, 2018 — December 16, 2018

Project manager: Sigita Vaitkaitytė. Tel. No. +37041371737. E-mail: s.vaitkaitytė

Short description: 

The aim of the project was to strengthen the sense of community among citizens of Akmenė and Plungė districts. In addition, it aimed to develop citizens’ cultural identity by including them in the process of preserving objects of Cross-crafting.

The project sought to encourage the members of local communities to discover, cherish and acquaint with local cultural heritage. Moreover, they were encouraged to recollect traditions and ensure their passage to next generations. The non-material cultural heritage (cross-crafting) evoke a sense of identity and continuity on communities and individuals. Additionally, it strove to induce respect towards diversity of confessions, strengthen social affinity. Furthermore, by digitizing the collected cross-crafting objects the project helped to supplement the research database of the concerned research fields.

The project was co-financed by:

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