How to become a registered reader?

In order to become a registered reader of our library, please visit registration desk (2nd floor) and follow these steps:

  1. present a valid ID, passport, driving license (children under the age of 16 must present a parent or guardian application form and a student ID card);
  2. fill out a reader’s registration form;
  3. read the Library Use Policy.


Registering for the first time, the reader’s card is issued free of charge for:

  • pre-school children;
  • students of grades I–IV (upon presentation of a valid student ID card),
  • foster children (upon presentation of a valid foster home certificate);
  • people with disabilities (upon presentation of a valid disability certificate);
  • people of 70 years and older (upon presentation of a valid ID card or passport).


Reader’s card can also be ordered online on During registration, you will need to confirm your identity through the Electronic Government Gateway and select the library you want to become a reader of.


The reader’s card is valid in all Lithuanian libraries connected to the LIBIS system. List of libraries:

The validity of the reader’s card is indefinite.

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