Five Senses – Five Ways to Explore

Project duration: August 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019.

Project manager: Sigita Vaitkaitytė, tel. (8-41) 371737,

Short description: It is important for young people with disabilities to change together with their lives, adapt, reveal their personal talents, nurture them and make the most of it for their personal and social needs. Unfortunately, they still lack the necessary conditions and means to develop as individuals and to reveal their natural powers. The project aimed to enrich lives of these young people, to enable them to travel, explore, learn and interact with others in the European Union. The project sought to address the social and cultural integration of disabled and disadvantaged young people and to share good practices with Latvian and Croatian professionals.

The young people involved in the project, who have behavioral and emotional disorders, do not understand body language, have a hard time understanding the boundaries of their personal space, have cognitive dysfunctions, major difficulties with social unwritten rules and abstractions. For this reason, the activities and tools foreseen in the program focused on non-verbal communication. Through the five senses of touch, vision, smell, taste and hearing, participants sought to understand each other and to convey their emotional experiences through images, deeds, gestures, intonation, and so on. Selected appropriate tools and methods enabled young people to absorb information, acquire new skills and knowledge.

The project‘s partnership was created during the Erasmus+ contact making event “All Included”, which aimed to promote international partnerships and communication in order to design and implement projects for young people with disabilities.

The project was co-financed by:

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