Creating a Book in An Unusual Way

visualProject duration: 2020 02 01–2020 12 01

Project manager: Lolita Putramentienė, tel. (8 41) 42 05 10, el. p.

Short description: The “Making a Book Unusually” project is a cycle of four educational activities of creating an innovative book for marginalized communities from the Women’s Activity Innovation Center and the “Širdininkai” Club. The project aims to bring together an open consumer and creator, involve target groups in cultural activities and creative life, create a finished art product – an innovative book, promoting the creativity and self-confidence of problematic people.

A cycle of four educational activities is planned in spring (from April) and autumn (from September), featuring experienced artists and creators from Šiauliai and abroad. During the program, participants of the creative workshops will get acquainted with the book as a creative object, will learn to create an art book and to recognize and express their feelings.

The project was co-financed by:

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