Culture on the Doorstep: Cultural Yard Intervention II

Project duration: 2020-01-01–2020-12-01

Project manager: Roberta Stonkutė, mob. 862389459, email

Short description: During May-August, 2019, the project “Culture on the Doorstep: Cultural Yard Intervention” implemented by ŠCPL, attracted great interest of local communities, citizens and city guests, media. Meetings-discussions with famous city, national culture and public figures, held in yards of city apartment buildings, welcomed more than 1000 participants. In view of the 2019 results, ŠCPL continues to develop high-quality, local values-promoting practices of organizing events in the yards of city apartment buildings that foster local identity, strengthen activeness and cooperation of neighbourhoods and communities, increase the accessibility of culture.

The project was co-financed by:

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