American Corner in Pakruojis, 2018

2018-06-21 / 2018-06-21
American Corner

In May, American Corner received an invitation to come to Pakruojis “Žemyna” middle school’s summer camp, so very soon it was agreed to meet on June 21. That day, children had a chance to hear about the AC, its activities and just have some fun! Firstly, everyone participated in a discussion about America, its famous landmarks, states, cities, presidents and so on. After that, kids played a quiz where they had to test their knowledge and memory answering questions about the U.S. The winners were awarded with great prizes with the AC logo. And of course – summer camp is not a summer camp without games! After a fierce competition in the quiz, children gathered to play board games in English language. It is a pleasure to know that the American Corner is widely known and receives such invitations.


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