English Club in October, 2017

English Club
2017-10-01 / 2017-10-31
American Corner

The meetings of October started with a presentation about the cultural differences between Americans and Lithuanians. Club member Marytė, who lived in America herself, talked about her experiences and shared memories. Other members actively participated in the discussion, asked questions and were surprised how different people can be.

During the second meeting, club members finished watching the second part of the movie “Million Dollar Baby”. It was a very emotional and quite hard to watch movie, however, the impression of all club members was the same – it is a movie that makes you think about life.

The last meeting of October, club members Artūras and Renata talked about Georgia which they have visited. And of course, in October we celebrate Halloween! Club members had an opportunity to test their knowledge by participating in the Halloween quiz and won some tasty treats!



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