Leisure and Work Spaces



Periodicals and Computers Room – a place where visitors can read current periodicals, use internet free of change, print and copy documents (paid service). Periodicals and Computers Room is equipped with computerized workstations with public internet access.





PhotoYouth and Education Area – This space is used for youth events, trainings, and for spending free time playing board games, working on computer, listening music, watching movies, and meeting friends. The space is also equipped with two computerized workstations with free internet access. The space is located on the 3rd floor of the library.





PhotoGreat Reading Room – stores and borrows printed notes and art publications. In this space also takes events, trainings, books presentations and educations. In the balcony of the Great Reading Room you can find five computerized individual workplaces with free internet access. In order to use an individual workplace please contact an employee of the Periodicals and Computers Room for a key.






Music Room – in Youth and Education Area you can find a Music Room. Here stores audio documents (CDs, vinyl records). In this space visitors can play piano, listen music or relax.

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