Information for Ukrainian citizens


Free eBooks in Ukrainian language:

Šiauliai county Povilas Višinskis Public Library (Aušros ave. 62) is warm, cosy and open. The library is a good place to come together, find likeminded people, get to know the community, attend cultural events, find out about the news and other information or simply spend time quietly and in safety.

The library is open for Ukrainians who found refuge in Šiauliai. We invite you to use the FREE library services:

  • free readers card;
  • beginner Lithuanian language courses (register by phone: +37041523748 or e-mail:, teacher: Robert, teaching language: Russian);
  • copying and scanning of documents;
  • public internet access;
  • an open games space with toys (kinetic sand, LEGO and other tactile books) and a sensory reading room for children up to 10 years old;
  • for older children:
    • robotics activities (construction and programming) and virtual reality activities;
    • board games and interactive games. Activities are held in English and Russian languages. Registration by phone: +370 415 23759;
  • movie screening in the movie theatre;
  • using library resources such as music records, databases, movies, books and periodicals in a few languages;
  • sensory readings for children:

We have “Sensory reading activities” for children up to 10 years old (in Russian or Ukrainian languages). These readings are full of various interesting tasks and inclusive games that use sensations: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. The readings help the kids to relax, open up and communicate. Children with special needs (including autism spectrum disorder) can visit these activities.

We also invite mothers who can read in Ukrainian and Russian languages to help us organise the readings.

You can register for these activities by calling the number +37041523759 or by coming to the library.

Our staff speak English and Russian languages.

If you have any questions please contact us:

  • Ekaterina (Russian), tel. no. +37041371713, e-mail:
  • Inga (English), tel. no. +37041523748, e-mail:
  • If you come to the library – staff at the registration counter.


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