Birželio mėnesio EBSCO nuotoliniai mokymai


EBSCOhost platforma yra ne tik vieta, kur galite rasti mokslinės literatūros, bet ir dirbti su visu tekstu ar bibliografija. Šių tęstinių mokymų metu išmoksite efektyviai išnaudoti visas platformos galimybes. Mokymai vyks anglų kalba.

eBook Manager: manage and customize your EBSCO eBooks

eBook Manager offers a complete EBSCO eBooks management workflow in a single intuitive interface within EBSCOhost Collection Manager. During the training the participants will learn more about this tool which allows you to manage the titles available in the library, including customizing the download settings.


Birželio 11 d. | Pradžia 13:30 | Trukmė – 30 min.

Interesting summer magazines with the Flipster platform!

During the training, we will look at a tool for viewing and reading popular titles of magazines in digital version. We will present the Flipster platform from a user perspective, explain the rules for access to subscriptions and advise how librarians can become familiar with the offer of best-selling titles.


Birželio 12 d. | Pradžia 12:30 | Trukmė – 40 min.

Holidays with EBSCO eBooks!

Practical training during which participants will learn how to use EBSCO e-books online, how to download full e-books and chapters, how to use e-books on smartphones, tablets and readers or how to download and authorize Adobe Digital Editions.


Birželio 18 d. | Pradžia 14:30 | Trukmė – 45 min.



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